Foods & drinks of Sri Lanka

Delicious Foods and Beverages of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan cuisine is very unique and exotic. The culinary delicacies of Sri Lanka is very aromatic and healthy. Most of the time the recipes have some influence from the colonists and Indian and Arab traders from back in time.

The best thing about Sri Lankan food is that the same dish is made in different ways, especially when it comes to different regions in the country, people make a lot of variations to the way a particular dish is made but at the end of the day it always turns out to be mouth-watering.

Rice and Curry

The cuisine mainly consists of (steamed) rice and curry. Curry usually takes various forms and thereby brings versatility to dishes. Curries can not only be made using meat or fish but with vegetables and fruits where the dish becomes a delicacy.

Spices and coconut milk are always generally used to make the Sri Lankan cuisine. Sri Lankan food is generally considered to be more spicier than Indian food because of various types of chilli used. As a matter of fact Sri Lankan cuisine is considered to be among the hottest and spiciest cuisine in the world. However, tourist hotels prepare most Sri Lankan foods to favour the foreign palate since most people aren’t used to very spicy food.



Milk Rice

Another famous rice dish is Milk Rice, which is generally made during special occasions such as auspicious days, birthdays, weddings,etc. It is eaten with an accompaniment of a chilli paste and sometimes dried up fish curry.


Hoppers are also very popular. A batter of rice flour and coconut milk is cooked in a small wok into a bowl shape. The base is thicker and is like a crumpet, while the thin ‘walls’ are crispy. Hoppers are often served with a sambal and what wikipedia tells us is lunu miris.

These are insanely good. An egg hopper is a regular hopper with a googie cooked into the bottom.



String hoppers (indiappa)

String hoppers are made by pressing a rice batter flour into little bundles of noodles then steamed. These are great for breakfast dunked in some curry.String hoppers are also served with a sweet’n’salty dry coconut sambal. They can be made from white or red rice.

Kottu roti

Kottu roti is roti (flat bread) finely (and loudly) chopped and wok fried with veggies and or meat. A lardy stodge filler that is that is pretty tasty on it’s own but superb when soaking up some curried sauce.




Sri Lankan Beverages are mainly herbal drinks. Fresh Drinks made from papaya, avacado, lime are also consumed a lot during very hot days. Sago soup is also drunk to cool down ones body temperature. Tea and coffee is also used as a common day to day refeshment and is always served in households when guests arrive. Young coconuts are also very famous among people. Most of the drinks are targeted to bring down or cool down the heat, since Sri Lanka is a tropical island a lot of refreshing drinks are found. Arrack and toddy are famous liquours among Sri lankans.