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About Sri Lanka?

Sri lanka is one of the top destination well know as pearl of indian ocean. it’s full of culture, colors incredible beauty make your eyes busy incredible to explore the real beauty in sri lanka. main attractions in sri lanka include mountains, beaches, tropical jungle (wild life), hill stations, templesrocks & an array of unesco world heritage sites.

There are lot of stunning places in Sri Lanka that drows Millions of visitors from across the globe. Serene black waters of hill stations in upcountry & coastal areas like down south, colombo renowned for its beaches, parties & nightlife.
Sinhalese & Tamil are two major languages of sri lanka. The currency is sri lankan rupees. From the beautiful beaches of southern westurn coast to the  toe tapping & exuberant kandian dance.
Along with the legal & ancient architecturally & archaeologically renowned unities of Anuradhapura & Polonnaruwa are some of the highlights that awaiting for you. In the lowlands the climate is typically tropical with an average temperature of 27 ° in Colombo. In the higher elevations it can be quite cool with temperature’s going down to 16 ° at an altitude of over 20000 meters.
Sri lanka is a multi ethnic country and celebrate’s a wide range of Buddhist | Hindu | Christian & Muslim festivals. The “kandy Esala perahara” is of the country’s most important &  spectacular pageants.
There are wide range of mouth watering foods you can enjoy in sri lanka include rice & curry.